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Are your grips so soft, your opponent can break them with only one hand?

Ever got your grips broken so easily you ended up getting your guard passed, mounted, and cross choked just because you were so schrocked at how easily your grip got destroyed and you totally forgot to even think about what your opponent was throwing at you? It’s a scary feeling, right? What once you thought was a strong grip is now a couple of fingers that will need tape for 3 weeks and a soul that will need healing before rolling with that person again.

Are Your Grips Strong… But Not So Technical?

Just because your grips are stronger than your average white beltch doesn’t mean you know how to PROPERLY grip. A strong squeeze will eventually die out, a technical grip will last as long as you need it to.

Learn How To Grip Properly And Dominate.

When you think of the sound of the name ‘Schrock’, you’re already picturing an iron grip. It’s time for your opponents to think the same when they see your name in the bracket. Regardless of your belt, this course is guaranteed to teach you something you’ve never seen before.

Standup, Passing, Submissions, And Guard.

What do all of the above have in common? GRIPS!

Course Curriculum

Passing The Guard

Side Control

Playing Guard


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Course level:Beginner

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