Don’t think you’re ‘heavy’ enough to be a good pressure passer? Well, that’s about to change. Meet Andris Brunovskis. He may not look like the type of guy you’d see with a killer pressure passing game, yet, he’s managed to make a name for himself by squashing the dreams and inner organs of some of the world’s best black belts. How does he do it? Does he carry a concealed kettlebell in his gi? Does he wear a weight vest to help him add a few pounds per square inch of pressure to his opponent`s body? Nope and nope. Just like all great jiu jitsu practitioners, Andris uses nothing but technique.

Trying to master every guard pass in the book is IMPOSSIBLE! The truth is, passing guard is complicated and with the seemingly endless combinations of grips and leg placements, it feels like new guards are being created almost every day. And just when you thought you had your opponent’s guard figured out, here they are back on the mat with something else you have to deal with. And all your progress goes out the window, leaving you to start from scratch, yet again.  But, what if you didn’t have to? In this course, you’ll learn an easy-to-follow soul-crushing pressure passing system that’ll have your opponent begging you to relieve the pressure so badly, they’ll actually help you with the pass. And because it’s based on technique and not size or strength, anyone can do it – regardless of how small you are or how big your opponent is.

That’s right you can be a buck fifty soaking wet and still use the gravedigger system to not only pass your opponent’s guard… but rearrange their inner organs in the process. 10x the pounds per square inch in your pressure passing game and force your opponent to dig their own grave. If your opponent isn’t in immense discomfort when you’re passing guard, you’re doing something wrong.

Target Audience

  • For Those Who Think They’re Not ‘Heavy’ Enough To Pressure Pass
  • For Those Who Want To Bury Their Opponent And Crush Their Guard
  • For Lolita Fans (She’s Got Her Very Own Potato Guard On JJX)

Topics for this course

30 Lessons

Over Under


Stack Pass

Side Smash

Bonus Tracks

The Potato Guard


About the instructors

Who is Andris Brunovskis?

Jiu Jitsu appeared in Brunovskis’ life when he was 16 years old while living in Cleveland, Ohio. His first coach was Darren Branch at Evolution Jiu Jitsu, which later became an affiliate of Gracie Humaitá. Andris became fascinated by grappling even at an early age, and the sport was an important part of his life almost from the get-go.

As a young adult, Andris moved away from his hometown and family to Sacramento. Where he trained at world champion Cassio Werneck‘s academy. He often split up his time between Cleveland and Sacramento, to spend more time with his family.


While Adris was competing in Ohio, he was scouted by Lloyd Irvin. Lloyd recognized the talent and potential in him, and offered Andris something a young athlete couldn't refuse. Lloyd offered him the chance to train full time for his team, with all expenses paid for. Of course, young Brunovskis accepted. He would also later be the main reason why Keenan Cornelius decided to join Irvin’s Maryland based team.


Andris thrived in the competitive environment at TLI. Being around like minded individuals who lived and breathed jiujitsu 24/7 was a great experience for him. Through that time, Andris went through an impressive competition period. Sadly, it was short lived. 


After the Lloyd Irvin scandal came to light in 2013, the competition team split up, leaving Andris in a precarious situation. He no longer had the financial means to train full time and no fixed team. Brunovskis had to take one step back in order to re-group. He returned to his grappling career in 2014 with the Atos Jiu Jitsu academy, where he met many of his former teammates. In September 2014 Andris Brunovskis was awarded his black belt by his new instructor, André Galvão.


Andris’ current focus is on teaching, which he carries out of Legion AJJ in San Diego. In the past couple years, he has found a passion for teaching, and the improvement/successes of his students. His attention to details and exquisite technique has already aided so many jiujitsu practitioners in bettering their game.

What is Adris’s Background?

Andris Brunovskis was born on the 8th of August, 1990. Both of Andris’ parents are Latvian, though Brunovskis was born in the United States. 

Random Fact About Andris


Andris is commonly known as the “Latvian Sniper” because of his largely submission oriented style. He is also arguably just as competitive about board games as he is jiujitsu.

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Andris is an amazing instructor, I have been doing BJJ for over 15 years and he is very technical. Andris explains the techiniques in a way that is easy to understand and provide good details.

Great course. Everything was explained really well and all the important details were pointed out more then just 1x. Highly recommend


Really solid instructional. Good teaching and very doable techniques. This was a nice way to take some basics and elevate them. I use at least one of these techniques in every rolling session. Can't recommend enough.

As a lanky grappler, this is a great tool to add against stronger and heavier opponents. Great attention to detail as always from Andris!
*Thumbs up*

I had always struggled with loose over/unders and stacks. Not anymore! Thanks Andris!

This was a delicious tale of cat and mouse... great details from Andris.

All Levels

What Will I Learn?

  • Learn The Gravedigger Passing System
  • Stack Passing Your Opponent
  • Side Smashing
  • Over Under Passing

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