Guard Passing Demolition

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“Demolition” is the science and engineering in safely and efficiently tearing down structures… and in this course, those structures are the guards that give you the most trouble on the mats.

While jiu jitsu might have countless techniques, they all branch out from a couple of basic guards and guard passes. Lucky for you, this course by Igor Paiva covers the guard passes you must know to pass guards 99% of your training partners/ competition rivals will use.

How many times do you find yourself stuck in de la riva, z guard (knee shield), half guard, and lasso/ spider guard? More often than you’d probably like!

Inside this guard passing course, Igor teaches you how to dismantle the 4 guards mentioned above in great detail so you can pick apart your training partners’ guards piece by piece.

Check out the free lessons and enroll now to unlock all lessons so you can pass more guards every training session.

Course Curriculum


Passing The De La Riva

Defending The Berimbolo

Passing The Z Guard (Knee Shield)

Passing The Half Guard

Passing The Lasso/ Spider Guard


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