Guard Passing Foundations

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Getting stuck in someone’s guard can be annoying but what’s even worse is not knowing where to even start getting rid of their grips and limbs controlling you from all angles. 

You’ve probably seen different jiu jitsu celebs cartwheeling, somersaulting and backflipping past guards. Although that may be impressive on the gram, nothing beats the fundamental basics used to deconstruct guards.

At tournaments, you’ll find Matheus Luna on the podium collecting medals. You don’t wanna be in this guy’s bracket. In his latest course “Guard Passing Foundations” he’s gonna show you exactly how he likes to teleport himself past the toughest of guards out there. This includes guards such as the de la riva, reverse de la riva, closed guard and many more. Not only will he show you how to dismantle these guards, he’s also gonna show you some of his favourite passing sequences.

Build the best possible guard passing foundations and begin securing your points today.

Target Audience

  • Those who want to improve their guard passing skills
  • Beginners who want to copy and paste a reliable guard passing system into their game
  • Grapplers who want to implement a good foundation of basics

Course Curriculum

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Passing The Most Difficult Of Guards


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What I will learn?

  • Dismantling guards such as; de la riva, reverse de la riva, closed guard, lasso and more
  • Passing sequences and techniques

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