Half Guard / Half Machine

In this course, Keenan will show you the exact way in which to destroy your opponents from half guard by mastering this guard regardless of your body type, age or athleticism.

Keenan Cornelius · October 12, 2020

Avoid playing on bottom because your guard isn’t that crafty?

Playing open guards against athletic, more experienced guard passers can be a nightmare, especially when you know… the part where you don’t actually get to play guard at all because by the time you make a grip on their sleeve and think about placing a foot on their hip… …THEY’RE ALREADY IN SIDE CONTROL! WHAT!

So you can’t play open guard, but takedowns aren’t your thing either, what do you do?

You pull half guard and start frustrating all of those side-to-side grasshopper wannabe guard passers. That’s what you do! Ever rolled with someone who’s so good at half guard, it felt like they were half machine? That can be you! And all you have to do is learn these PED’s (Performance Enhancing Details).

What can you expect in the course?

A guard you can master regardless of...

Body Type



That’s right! Due to the nature of half guard, you don’t need to be able to deadlift 2.5X your body weight, or fold both of your legs behind your head like a rooster weight showing off in the bullpen. You just need a good aul underhook, and the knowledge provided by no other than Keenan Cornelius himself.

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Half Guard / Half Machine