Inside And Outside No-Gi Passing

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Andrew Tackett is here to help you get rid of your guard passing frustration.

We all know passing guard in no-gi can be both extremely difficult and extremely frustrating. It’s slippery, nothing you try sticks. And getting passed the guard seems less attainable the more you throw at your opponent. 

Andrew Tackett has not only slayed a giant on the latest grappling show “Who’s Next”. He’s also grappled a bull… and won. Not to mention he’s also got an abundance of titles fighting actual humans too. In his instructional “Inside & Outside No-Gi Passing”, he teaches you his best approaches to dealing with tricky guard players sans gi. 

Learn how to effectively enter your opponent’s guard so that you are at an advantage, how to get on the inside of your opponent and passing on the outside. Also included are concepts on how to get your partner flat or on their side and how to hand fight from standing.

Not only that. You’ll also find out how to apply back takes from multiple situations and positions. Also become comfortable in what might be considered an awkward position and submit your opponent from unexpected positions. Catch them by surprise!

But most importantly, Andrew Tackett makes it a big point that the main purpose of this instructional is to make no-gi jiu jitsu fun, enjoyable and entertaining. 

Enroll today and leave you guard passing frustration in the past.

Target Audience

  • Those who want to refine their no-gi guard passing skills
  • Those having trouble passing their opponents guard in no-gi
  • Those who want to become efficient at creating a solid passing system that involves movement and becoming comfortable in uncomfortable situations.

Course Curriculum


Outside Passing

Inside Passing And Back Takes

Smash Passing And Taking The Back


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Student Ratings & Reviews

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3 Ratings
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11 months ago
Awesome info
Rene Sousa
2 years ago
A really high level look at a safe way at getting the control and feeling out a dangerous opponent. Along with that, Andrew has done all of these moves on his rise to the top and he’s just getting started !
2 years ago
Course level:All Levels

What I will learn?

  • Entering your opponent’s guard
  • Getting on the inside of your opponent
  • Outside passing
  • Hand fighting details
  • Back takes from everywhere
  • Submitting your opponent unexpectedly

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