An army of deadly guard passers is coming your way… and they are fully equipped with knee cuts ready to blast through your guard like there’s no tomorrow. This army is malicious in its pursuit and it’s headed straight for your gym. Who is this army you ask? Good question. It’s your jiu jitsu buddies and baes of course. It be your own sometimes. Not to worry, the Bolo Bros are back in town and they’ve brought a gift with them. They call it the keymaster.

So much guard playing yet so many guard passes. The problem with getting your guard passed is that, not only do you end up feeling like your guard is made of soft noodles, but there also seems to be an endless amount of ways it could happen. GOOD. An endless amount of guard passes requires an endless amount of guard retention, sweeps, and attacks. The keymaster is designed specifically for this reason and in this course, you’ll find out how to use it to increase the points on your side of the scoreboard.

One key, endless opportunities for unlocking success. The whole idea behind the keymaster is that it provides you with an answer to every reaction your opponent might give you. That way you’ll be prepared for any situation and confidently be able to enter the keymaster position from any possible angle.

Not sure where to begin? Follow this course’s flowchart HERE.

Target Audience

  • For those who want to add to their library of guard playing mechanisms
  • For those who wish to put a full stop to their opponents' guard passing attempts

Topics for this course

41 Lessons

Overhead Pull (Weight On Near Leg)

Knock Back (Weight Back)

Double-Stiff Arm (Weight on Arms)

Gangster Lean (Weight On Far Leg)

Off-Balance (Weight On Armpit Frame)

Opponent Posts To Pass (Weight On Hand)

Opponent Kneeling

Squid Master


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Great insight, Well organized, and must know techniques! I especially liked the triangle entry from keymaster! Looking forward to come train with you guys one day!

This course is a must have especially if you play longer distance guards. You will find yourself in this position often vs standing passers. Understanding how to off balance for whatever energy they give you is key to mastering the position (pun intended)

How get 50/50 out of position rdlr?

There is no greater feeling of safety than having an unpassable guard. Danny and Nick do everything in their power to make that a reality for you. The material is presented in a clear and concise manner with every detail and nuance imaginable. The course is enjoyable to watch and they will enable you to have a deep understanding of the position.

All Levels

What Will I Learn?

  • How To Put A Full Stop To Your Opponents’ Guard Passing Attempts
  • The Keymaster Position
  • Taking The Back
  • Submission Set Ups
  • The Squid Master Position

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Jiu Jitsu X is better

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