Have you been dipping your toes into the leg lock scene? But whatever you do, you just can’t seem to position your opponent’s feet properly to secure the tap? 

Dealing with your opponent’s slippery eel-like legs is not only difficult but frustrating. You know the situation where you think you’re about to get the finish but instead you end up rolling like tumbleweed across the mat. We’re about to place these leg locking problems under the microscope and find the best fitting answers to your questions in Gannon’s latest course, Leg Locksmith.

This course will turn your sweaty arms into velcro and your legs into suction cups, ready to latch onto your opponent’s legs and lock in the most dangerous of positions. Not only that, but this leg locking guidebook also features how to connect leg locks together.


Target Audience

  • Leg locking enthusiasts
  • People who want to increase their no-gi submission rate
  • Grapplers who want to improve their no-gi game

Topics for this course

35 Lessons

Straight Ankle Lock



Heelhooks (Inside / Outside)

Common Leglock Connections


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About the instructors

Who is Gannon Lang?

 Gannon is a young jiu jitsu competitor/coach from Fredericksburg, Virginia. His origins with jiujitsu began in 2014 at Dárcio Lira JiuJitsu.  Gannon had a pretty “normal” childhood and upbringing, playing soccer, getting good grades in school and going to college. At the same time as attending college, he was attempting to pursue a career in jiu jitsu. That was no easy task. He often found his college classes interfered with his training, and he was becoming increasingly unhappy with the situation.  In 2017, Gannon decided to go with his gut, and pursue the career that made him happy, jiu jitsu. He dropped out of college and immersed himself in training & competing. He would travel every day to  Beta Academy in Washington DC, to train with Nakapan Phungephorn. It was a 2hr commute every day.   In 2020 he opened his own academy, Nexus, as a purple belt. He says it was because he was tired of driving 2 hrs to dc every day, and he wanted to increase the popularity of jiu jitsu in his hometown.  Shortly after, he won the raffle for international lapel day Keenan Cornelius was running, and was flown out to Legion AJJ for a week of training. During which he filmed his first instructional with JiuJitsuX (Enter the Tomb). After his short stay at Legion, he was invited to come back to stay permanently.  That type of invitation is a young grapplers dream, inevitably, he accepted. He returned to Virginia for a short time before returning to San Diego. During which he trained under Colton Smith at Enlisted Nine, in Stafford Virginia.   Gannon is currently still training and instructing out of Legion AJJ. Planning to some day return back home to Virginia and re-open his own academy, as a Legion AJJ affiliate. 

Random Facts About Gannon

Gannon is a passionate crypto trader, and refers to himself as Diamond hand Gan.

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Loved the breaking mechanics break down as well as the overall flow and organization of the course. Great Instructional

This course is packed with great details for entering leg locking positions & ending opponents from a variety of leg locking submission holds.

I got the course because I was looking for a training plan to develop leg locking literacy. I think you'll find - like I have, that this course is a comprehensive resource for the leg lock enthusiast.

You know it's good when the instructor rolled with you, you recorded the lessons, yet you still go and buy it! That's how good this instruction is. Super excited about this! I appreciate you Gannon. See you on the next visit!

Great course that cuts out the fat and really focuses in on the necessary details. Even as a brown belt I am pretty limited in my leg lock knowledge so this course was a great way to jump in without getting overwhelmed. Good stuff!

As a fresh purple belt, the time has come to not ignore legs any longer. With the brown strap looming in the future, I have to make micro adjustments (lol) now as to avoid the dreaded participation bronze IBJJF medals at the Master 1 level.

Thank you Gannon for the affordable, yet wildly informative course on ankle locks, toe holds, kneebahs, and heelhooks from the inside bukake made easy!

If leg spaghetti makes your brain hurt, buy this.

All Levels

What Will I Learn?

  • Breaking mechanics; straight ankle lock, kneebar, toehold and heelhook.
  • Key leg locking details
  • How to counter your opponents’ defensive reactions
  • Transitioning from one submission to the next
  • Terminating escape attempts

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