No one`s ignoring it now… It seems like the words “Why ignore 50% of the human body?”, which are accredited to Dean Lister have left a definite mark on an entire sport.

The trajectory and history of submission grappling changed in recent years as people`s legs began to get twisted in agonizing ways. This course is brought to you by Dean Lister, an undeniable leglock OG and 2x ADCC World Champion. Join him as he takes you on an exploration of his favorite leg-breaking mechanisms, ranging from heel hooks to knee compressions and toe holds. This is only the first installment of a series on leglock basics, attacks, and defense.

Learn leglock concepts from a legend. You will be hard-pressed to find anyone who would deny the impact Dean Lister left on grappling, both on the mats and in the UFC cage. This course will be updated frequently as Dean is quite close to Jiu Jitsu X studios. For now, though, you can be sure that the concepts within this course will put you in a position to make people scream TAP!

Note: As we add more videos, the price will increase, so get your access now!

Target Audience

  • Leglocking Enthusiasts
  • OG No-Gi Fans
  • Those Who Want To Skyrocket Their Submission Rate In No-Gi

Course curriculum

13 Lessons

The Foundation: The Straight Anklelock

Heel Hooks



Compression Holds

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What Will I Learn?

  • Learn Leglock Concepts From A Legend
  • Breaking Mechanics
  • The Straight Ankle Lock
  • Heel Hooks
  • Toeholds
  • Kneebars
  • Compression Holds

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