Malachy Freidman’s Instructional For People Who Can’t Half Guard Good Part 1: Knee Shield And Defensive Traps

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Half guard is an inevitable position and you’re almost guaranteed to end up there at some point in your jiu jitsu training.

If you’re desperately avoiding it, you’re desperately wrong for doing so. 

Become comfortable in the most uncomfortable scenarios in PART 1 of Malachy Friedman’s “Instructional For People Who Can’t Half Guard Good”. 

Don’t let your opponent take advantage of your half guard 

In this course, you’ll learn how to defend and escape the worst of positions while remaining offensive. Included are the fundamentals of the position, what to do when your opponent completely flattens your half guard, defending the head control, over-under defense, sweep and mount escapes. 

An instructional made for every skill range as well as every age, no extreme inversions no bs.

Enroll today and develop a well-rounded game guaranteed to bring you the results you’re looking for. 

Course Curriculum



Flattened Half Defense


Defending The Head Control

Over The Belly Sweeps

Mount Escape

Over Under Defense

Preventing The Back Step


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Course level:All Levels

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