Modern No-Gi Backtakes

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Getting to the back is great. What’s not great is letting all your hard work go down the drain when you suddenly find that your opponent has finessed you and retained their guard. Not only do you have to begin putting in the work to get to a position you already had, you also have to do it twice as tired. 

Work Smarter, Not Harder.

This instructional is the glue that will stick you to your opponent’s back. This is your answer to one of jiu jitsu’s most frustrating problems, the inability to stabilise a position. 

Copy & Paste Trialed and Tested Techniques Into Your Game 

Mike Salazar Modern No-Gi Backtakes

Mike Salazar is a national no-gi treasure who’s taken the American no-gi scene by storm. Going up against some of the top level no-gi competitors, and consistently ending up on the podium. Now, he’s compiled his best back taking details into an easy to follow and implement instructional.



This course includes everything you need to know about how to take the back, stabilising the position once you get there and attacking from the back successfully. 


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