Into The Spider-Verse

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Do you struggle to establish a dominant guard control on your training partners? Or perhaps you’ve been getting annoyed at opponents who love to pass on the knees? 

The missing piece to your equation is… The Spider Lasso.

Nathalie Ribeiro is known for her dominating hybrid guard, the spider lasso. Hot off the Euros podium, she brings you her latest course, “Into The Spider-Verse” a mixture of spider guard and lasso control. 

You get to decide what your opponent does and where they do it. 

In this course you’ll not only learn the fundamentals of establishing a solid guard, you’ll also learn how to sweep from various positions, spam submissions, counter defenses, transition to different guards and much much more.

Enroll today and copy/paste a formidable guard into your game. It’s your turn to become the puppet master.

Target Audience

  • Those who want to establish dominant control from the guard
  • Those who have trouble dealing with opponents who pass on the knees
  • Those who want to give opponents a hard time passing their guard

Topics for this course

26 Lessons



Spider Lasso

Spider Guard


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5.00 (4 ratings)

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4 ratings
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This course brings so many good concepts to the table. It's a must have!

This is an excellent course. I was able to immediately add several of the options to my lasso-spider guard effectively.

Nathalie spider guard is phenomenal 🔥🔥

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What Will I Learn?

  • Guard Retention
  • Sweeping from spider guard & spider lasso
  • Submissions from spider guard & spider lasso
  • Countering defenses
  • Transitioning to different guards

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