No Country For Buttscooters

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John Salter is not about the buttscooting life.

As a former collegiate national champion, ADCC veteran, veteran of multiple MMA organizations, and current title contender in Bellator, he is determined to put you on your back…or butt.

In this course, he will show you how to do the same. He specifically designed this course to be appropriate for all experience levels, even if you’re just starting your grappling journey and trying to practice takedowns safely and effectively, this will give you the tools that you need. If you’re an experienced practitioner who has been fighting for takedowns for a while you will definitely find details that will help you find even more success.

Look, sitting down and scooting towards your opponent to find off balances, entries to the legs, sweeps, and takedowns are a viable option for submission grapplers with a high success rate.

But almost no one will deny that it is not as satisfying as putting someone on their back with a vicious blast double or a crafty single leg. John Salter’s goal is to give you the knowledge that leads to that satisfaction. That’s why his course begins with the basics; stances, positioning, how to get rid of your opponent’s defenses and how to position your opponent in order to give yourself a higher probability of success with your takedowns. John goes over basic step throughs from the single leg to the double leg and guides you through the execution of these vital takedowns.

One thing that you have surely found if you’ve been dabbling with takedowns is that a crafty submission grappler will almost reliably try to counter with a guillotine of some sort.

John is well prepared for that which is why he paid special attention to the structuring of this course to explain full proof ways to avoid getting choked off of a takedown. He will show you how to maneuver to prevent it in the first place and how to jump over your opponent to avoid getting submitted. All in all, this course will provide you with the tools necessary to become a better guard passer. HOW!? This is a takedown course after all? Well expect your takedowns to become so good, your opponents will have no choice but to pull guard.

Target Audience

  • People who want to dominate their opponent with takedowns
  • Those who don't feel confident in their stand up game
  • Anti Buttscooterists

Course curriculum

29 Lessons

Introduction To No Country For Buttscooters


Escaping The Guillotine

Double Leg Takedowns

Single Leg Takedowns

My Opponent Sprawled On Me, What Now?


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5.00 (1 ratings)

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Great course! It covers the fundamentals of the stand up game from a wrestling perspective. I also like the fact that John didn`t go full on wrestling mode on his course and had the nuances of the jiu jitsu game in mind while demonstrating and explaining the techniques.
The lessons about escaping the guillotine are in my opinion really usefull for beginners. I can`t tell you how many times I was caught in a guillotine after attempting a double leg takedown as a beginner. The knowledge from this course would`ve saved me a lot of trouble. In addition John gives some great tips on how to finish the double in single leg takedown.
I recommend buying this course.

All Levels

What Will I Learn?

  • How To Efficiently Take Your Opponent Down
  • Dominate The Stand Up Game
  • Escaping Guillotines
  • Double & Single Leg Takedowns
  • What To Do When Your Opponent Sprawls

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