No-Gi Escapes And Defenses – Escape to Kill

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A major part of having a solid jiu jitsu game is knowing how to effectively defend positions and attacks.

With this new course you fight fire with fire.

Kyle Chambers brings you the ultimate survival guidebook sans gi. From learning how to defend basic positions to defending more advanced situations such as chained attacks. White to black belt, this course is beneficial for all. 

Find out how to defend the single leg, knee on belly, mount and back. As well as how to attack from the reverse de la riva and shin to shin position. Recognise dangerous positions, reduce panic and learn how to think calmly in the midst of high pressure situations with Kyle Chambers’ “Escape To Kill”. 

Enroll today and take control of every match. 

Course Curriculum


Single Leg Defense

Knee On Belly Defense

Escaping Mount

Defending The Back

From The Reverse De La Riva

From Shin To Shin


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Course level:All Levels

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