No-Gi Guard Fundamentals

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If you’re a newbie dipping your toes in the dark arts of no-gi jiu jitsu, this instructional is for you. 

Who better to take you through the trials and tribulations of the no-gi guard game than Sloan Clymer. Sloan is a no-gi extraordinaire, specialising in the ultimate neck squeeze. However, this time, for the purpose of taking you from confused beginner to confident guard player, Sloan brings you “No-Gi Guard Fundamentals”. 

This is an instructional that’ll help both build a solid foundation for more advanced sequences as well as sharpen your no-gi guard to the point where your opponents will be avoiding eye contact. 

Learn concepts that’ll widen your understanding of the guard sans gi, find out how to both set up and transition between some of the best positions for your game. And last but not least scroll through the submissions and attacks section to find out how to finish your opponent with ease. 

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Target Audience

  • Those who want to sharpen their no-gi guard
  • Those who want to go from confused beginner to confident guard player
  • Those who want to establish a solid foundation for more advanced no-gi sequences

Course Curriculum



No-Gi Guard Set-Ups And Transitions

Submissions And Attacks


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Student Ratings & Reviews

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4 Ratings
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11 months ago
Really helpful
1 year ago
2 years ago
10/10 would recommend if beginner. Easy to understand.
2 years ago
Course level:All Levels

What I will learn?

  • No-gi guard fundamentals and concepts
  • Setting up the no-gi guard
  • Transitioning between guards
  • Submitting and attacking your opponent

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