No-Gi Sweeps And Submissions

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“I always ask the question, who is a guard player and who is a top player. And realistically you want ALL OF JIU JITSU, you don’t want half of it”.

It’s time to shift your mindset! If you’ve spent years on your back and now have the itch to start playing a more top game strategy, this is the place to be. Become a well rounded grappler with non other than Ash Williams. 

Ashley Williams’ out of Draig, Wales is one of the most celebrated European grapplers of his generation. Recognized for his achievements primarily sans gi where he’s known for showing off his confidence in his submission orientated game. 

In his first instructional at JJX, he brings you a blueprint that’ll take you from buttscooter to pressure passer. This course will teach you how to come on top and most importantly STAY ON TOP. Put the pace on your opponent with sections dedicated to the mechanics of sweeping and countering those concept. Also included are basic leglock entries, wrestle ups, submissions, counters to common defences. As well as how to use submissions to sweep  and dominate your opponents.

Enroll today and learn how to come on top, stay on top and finish your opponent for the victory.

Course Curriculum


Sweepings Mechanics And Basic Sweeps

Leglock Entries And Sweeps

Using Upper Body Submissions To Sweep Your Opponent

Wrestle Ups

Beating The Sweep

Basic Wrestling Counters


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Course level:All Levels

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