Thanks, I’ll Pass (Your Open Guard)

In this course, Keenan shows you how to pass even the trickiest of guards by first teaching you concepts that will help you adapt, as well as specific tips to break down your opponent's guard, piece by piece

Keenan Cornelius · October 31, 2020

There are so many guards out there, how will you learn to pass them all?

In this course, Keenan will show you how to pass the trickiest of guards by first teaching you concepts that will help you adapt and then revealing specific tips on how to weaken your opponent’s guard, get past it and secure the win. If guards were Superman, this course would be kryptonite.

What can you expect in the course?

Passing De La Riva & Reverse De La Riva

Are you ready to step up your guard passing game?

Passing the De La Riva and it’s brother Reverse De La Riva is something you will most likely be forced to do in every sparring session unless you’re rolling with someone way more experienced than you, then all you’ll be forced to do is fight your way out of submissions.

De La Riva and Reverse De La Riva are extremely popular, common guards, and knowing how to deal with them is a skill that can become a game-changer. Everyone knows Keenan for his guard, but his passing is actually just as good.

In this course Keenan will provide the tools you need to shut down opponents playing De La Riva Guard and Reverse De La Riva Guard on you. If you apply these passing techniques properly you will make your opponents doubt their ability to even play these two modern guard styles.

Passing Spider Guard
& Lasso Guard

Spider Guard and Lasso Guard are tricky guards to pass but just like any other guard out there in jiu jitsu it has it’s flaws and the better, more knowledged jiu jiteiro will prevail. Hence why you’re here, learning and preparing yourself to pass your training partners Spider & Lasso Guard.

In the Spider & Lasso Guard Passing section, Keenan will teach you the ways to get past the legs and into side control.

Along the way you’ll be able to spot dangerous submissions like the triangle, the omoplata and many more vicious attacks.

Knee Cut
& Longstep Passing

The Knee Cut and Longstep Pass synergize very well together. One might say they go together like peanut butter & jelly, or Keenan’s courses & gold medals.

These are key elements to any passing system but have systems of their own to deal with the different reactions you might experience.

In this section, Keenan will take you through these passing systems as well as how to use them with each other and to set up other passes.

Your opponent’s guard stands no chance.

Torreando Passing

The torreando pass is one of the most effective passes in jiu jitsu. However, these days, more and more guard players are savvy to defending it and what used to work in the past just doesn’t cut it anymore.

If you gave up on torreando passing because you just never had success with it, this course is going to turn that around for you – fast!


Let’s face it hitting a torreando pass against someone less experienced than you might not be that difficult, but hitting it against someone at the same skill level or even higher is a totally different ball game. 

In this course, you’ll learn why the torreando you’ve been shown simply doesn’t work at the higher levels and exactly what you need to do to fix it. Learn how to counter the counters, and pass the guard like an elite level black belt.

Passing Single Leg X & X-Guard

Say goodbye to the sheer frustration of being stuck in your opponent’s x-guard. 

Learn how to make deceivingly advanced looking technique look as easy as counting to four.

In this section of the course, Keenan will walk you through a simple plan for taking apart your opponent’s guard piece by piece.

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