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Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed and unsure of what to do when it comes to passing guards in jiu jitsu? It can be a challenging task, requiring concentration and a balance of offense and defense. Lack of either of these can cost you a sweep, or even worse, a victory.


That`s where Diego Bispo comes in. As a well known black belt competitor known for his relentless passing skills, Bispo has created the `Passing Paramount` course to share a significant amount of valuable information and insights all at once. This comprehensive course includes 90 lessons covering a range of positions, including closed guard, half guard, deep half guard, Dela Riva, 50/50, X guard, and even the notorious lapel guard.

But `Passing Paramount` isn`t just about the fundamentals of guard passing. It also includes a range of submission techniques and essential passings such as leg drag, Toreando, knee slice, long step, X pass, over under pass, double under pass, and Bispo pass, to add to your arsenal.


Don`t let guard passing hold you back any longer. Sign up for `Passing Paramount` and unlock the secrets to becoming a feared guard passer. As a bonus, there are also three free videos available for every course, including Bispo`s `Passing Paramount.` Click on any of them to access and start leveling up your jiu jitsu game today!

Target Audience

  • For those wanting to make improvements to their passing skill
  • For those looking for a complete curriculum for passing
  • For those wanting to explore multiple different options for passing

Course Curriculum

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Side Control Position

Closed Guard

Passing While Opponent Has The Back On The Mat

Passing While Opponent Is Sitting Up

Half Guard Passing

Sit Up Guard Passing

Single Leg X Guard Passing

Spider Guard Passing

Lasso Guard Passing

Dela Riva Guard Passing

50/50 Guard Passing

X Guard Passing

Lapel Guard Passing

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What I will learn?

  • Passing Concepts and Fundamentals
  • How to approach each and individual guard
  • Closed Guard Passing
  • Half Guard Passing
  • Open Guard Passing
  • Lapel Guard Passing

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