Passing With A Side (Of) Smash

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Do You Want To Smash Pass But It Feels Like You Weigh Only Two Pounds? Pressure passing has great benefits, to name a couple, you’re less likely to get tired by passing with pressure than going bat s*&t crazy on torreandos, long steps, and other spazzy movements we all tried as white belts. To add more to it, there is nothing more satisfying than slowly smashing through someone’s guard and knowing they can’t do absolutely anything to stop you. Now, if you could only figure out how to properly smash pass right?

DCD’s Got You! Are you a brand new white belt or a black belt that’s used miles of finger tape? Come on in! From the beginning of this course, Conner breaks down his smash passing philosophy. This is where you will learn about how your opponent’s body works, and how you can use these 3 pressure passes to pass an intelligent guard. That’s right, Conner didn’t spend about 100 hours on this course to teach you how to pass a blue belt’s guard, his goal with this course is simple… you passing high-level black belt guards.

Smash Passing X3. Inside this course, Conner will teach you everything he knows about the over-under, the over over, and the side smash. You will learn why they work, how to apply them successfully, and then how to get to any of the 3 from any guard you might find yourself in. We guarantee you’ll discover some entries and special PED’s (Passing Enhancing Details) you’ve never seen before.

Target Audience

  • People who struggle to pass their opponents' guard
  • Those who are unable to get close to their opponent when passing guard
  • For those who want to triple their weight and pressure when passing

Topics for this course

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Conner DeAngelis Introduces Passing With A Side Of Smash

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About the instructors

Who is Darin Connor Deangelis?

Born in South Carolina, and currently 23 years old, DeAngelis arrived in San Diego in 2015, after his former SC training partner Dominique Bell referenced the team a few years prior to the move. 


Dominique was Darin’s friend and training partner from South Carolina, and someone Darin looked up to and admired. He was still in high school when Dom told him he was moving to San Diego to train at Atos HQ. To young Deangelis that was the coolest thing he’d ever heard. 

He told himself, if Dom can do it, so could he. He promptly moved to San Diego to join the world renown Atos HQ, under Andre Galvao


Darin competes in the middle-heavyweight category and is very well known for his unique top pressure and efficient guard style.

He has had incredible competition success including both gi and no-gi world titles at the blue and purple belt levels. During his time at blue and purple belt he was able to achieve rank #1 in both the IBJJF and Flograppling ranking systems. In 2019 he won the IBJJF World Championships as a purple belt to earn his brown belt from Andre Galvao. At brown belt he found much success by winning multiple super fights and the extremely difficult Rio Grand Slam tournament in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 

Not only does Darin have an impressive competition record, but he also has extensive teaching experience. He has taught numerous seminars in the United States, Korea, Europe, and even Brazil. In 2019, Darin went on a seminar tour in Brazil with Andre Galvao, and taught in his second language, Portuguese.

Darin eventually made the move from Atos, to Legion AJJ. He expressed that the move was done due to his desire to learn more about the business side of jiujitsu, which Keenan was well versed at. 

You can always find Darin on the mats for hours and hours every day, either teaching, training or drilling. He truly is dedicated to perfecting his art.

Check out his youtube channel with a multitude of jiujitsu techniques and more, here.

5.00 (11 ratings)

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Have been looking to combine other pressure passes with my over/under pass and this course has been what I have been looking for. Great detail and explanation on how the passes effect your opponent body and hips in order to effectively pass.

Awesome instructional!!! If you want to proper pass a good guard this course is for you

Highly recommend this course! DC once again breaks down a topic of Jiu Jitsu to a science and then brings it back around full circle to help it all click. DC covers the three pressure passes, why they are so effective, how to combine them, how to trouble shoot the most common reactions/defenses you will encounter, and then has a "drill" section to help the viewer hammer out the muscle memory. His SLX course is very similar as well.

I have two other pressure passing courses from the site and a bunch of others from other BJJ lesson sites. DC’s course provides information that is for sure unique. You will learn some of the same positions that are known and popular like the over under. You will also see how you can use another similar position, the over over pass, which I’ve never seen described in detail before now. I think DC’s idea to explain the physiology of passing is also important and rarely discussed. That is information you can start to consider with other passes in the game. I’m a happy customer!

Highly recommend for anyone interested in pressure passing. DC breaks down the 3 passes so you fundamentally understand why they work and what adjustments you can make for common counters. He also breaks down how to enter the positions from commonly seen guards so you understand that you can always drive your passing in the same direction. This leads to more reps on the pass you are strongest at which is in your favor on the mats!

All Levels

What Will I Learn?

  • Getting to the over-under, the over over, and the side smash from any guard you find yourself stuck in
  • Get to a dominant passing position where your opponent is working hard pushing you away while you're slowly sinking deeper into side control
  • How to use the 3 passing variations to successfully demolish any guard
  • Become more confident in your guard passing

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