Proto Guard – An Infinite Loop System

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During the Great quarantine of 2020 Keenan began experimenting with a new position. Well, really with 2 grips, two distinct lapel grips. Grips that you don`t have to switch.

The grip switch is a major flaw in many guards out there it`s something that a good guard passer waits for and exploits.

With The Proto Guard, it`s less about grip switching and more about securing Two Supremely Dominant Grips, and keeping those two grips the entire time.

Let`s get started by learning how to get to Proto positions from the 90s Worm… From there the secrets will unravel.

Target Audience

  • This course is for people who hate people passing their guards.
  • For people who love lapel guards.
  • For people who are not the most athletic, but still want to dominate on the mats.

Topics for this course

10 Lessons

Introduction To Proto Guard

90`s Worm

Proto Guard

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This course is a great match for me. It is concise, effective, and very easy to implement.

I'm a half guard player, this fits really well into my game.

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What Will I Learn?

  • Insite this course you’ll learn what Proto Guard is.
  • Learn how to get to Proto Guard.
  • How to sweep using the Proto Guard.
  • How to take your opponent’s back using Proto Guard.
  • How to get to submissions from the Proto Guard.
  • Your opponent won’t know what hit them.

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