Reverse Kimura: Half Guard

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Tired of getting brutally squashed in bottom half guard, holding your opponent’s leg in between your legs so tight that you can feel the arches in your feet cramp?

Being a good half-guard player isn’t easy right? The underhook isn’t always available, you can only push the other person away for so long before your triceps die out, and you’re most likely waking up with a sore neck tomorrow from the good aul crossface Mr. 90kg purple belt has been so kind to gift you with. And the worst thing about it…

You Do Not Get To Choose If You Want To Play Half Guard Or Not.

Yeah, that’s right. Think about it for a second there. You’re on the bottom, the other person is jumping around your guard like the coach is watching before grading day, and just before they pass your guard, you manage to get a hold of their leg in your half guard… sounds familiar right? Do you know what else might sound familiar? Not knowing what to do from bottom half guard once you get there.

This Is the One Grip You Need.

Just like inside Drew Weatherhead’s Reverse Kimura from Closed Guard, you will learn how the reverse kimura grip can be your power tool to make your half guard a place where YOU get to attack and dominate. The reverse kimura grip from half guard is more than just a one-trick pony submission, it is a form of control that will offer you sweeps, back takes, and more dominant positions, all from bottom half guard.

Not sure where to begin? Follow this course’s flowchart HERE.


Target Audience

  • For those who struggle to utilise the half guard position to their advantage
  • For those who get their half guard easily passed
  • For those who want to dominate their opponent from the half guard position

Course Curriculum

The Fundamentals

Proper Half


Hip Clamp

Empty Dogfight


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Student Ratings & Reviews

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3 Ratings
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2 years ago
2 years ago
Totally different way of playing half guard. Great instruction with a very easy to follow path
3 years ago
Love the reverse kimura position and your instruction, gave me a new depth and a plethora of attacks that are infuriating my training partners, for some reason it\'s not letting select 5 stars definitely 5 stars
Course level:All Levels

What I will learn?

  • Setting Up Reverse Kimura From Half Guard
  • Taking The Back From The Half Guard Position
  • Sweeping Your Opponent From The Half Guard Position
  • Setting Up Submissions From The Half Guard Position

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