Street Jiu Jitsu

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How effective is modern jiu jitsu in the streets?

Keenan and the crew take advantage of the isolation brought about from COVID-19 to discuss various hypothetical street scenarios including, but not limited to:

The effectiveness of gi grips on street clothing, knife defense scenarios, fighting against multiple assailants, being blindsided, and more.

Target Audience

  • The grappler who swears that jiu jitsu can be used on the streets. This is your opportunity to prove to everyone that YOU ARE RIGHT!
  • To those who are looking to be entertained
  • To people who like to innovate and experiment with jiu jitsu in different situations

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This was the first course I bought on jjx
This course was fun & somewhat informative
It didn’t seem to take itself seriously which was both good and bad
On one hand it made it fun to watch
On the other it didn’t give any real credence to the idea of “street jiu jitsu”
I suppose it’s understandable in that if somebody had a weapon you’re f’d & if they don’t have a weapon…keep it simple
At the price I paid (15$) it was very acceptable
Would recommend at 25$ or lower

Good chokes

Decent application of sport principals to fighting. More weapons knowledge needed and various scenarios in a bar, on the bus, on a sidewalk at night, on ice, in a forest

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What Will I Learn?

  • How To Use Your Attackers Clothes To Your Advantage
  • Sparring In Normal Everyday Clothes
  • How To Use Jiu Jitsu In A Street Fight
  • Alternatives For Jiu Jitsu Technique In A Street Scenario
  • How To Avoid Striking
  • Defending Yourself Against Weapons
  • Effective Chokes Using Your Attackers Clothing

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