Street Jiu Jitsu

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How effective is modern jiu jitsu in the streets?

Keenan and the crew take advantage of the isolation brought about from COVID-19 to discuss various hypothetical street scenarios including, but not limited to:

The effectiveness of gi grips on street clothing, knife defense scenarios, fighting against multiple assailants, being blindsided, and more.

Target Audience

  • The grappler who swears that jiu jitsu can be used on the streets. This is your opportunity to prove to everyone that YOU ARE RIGHT!
  • To those who are looking to be entertained
  • To people who like to innovate and experiment with jiu jitsu in different situations

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Decent application of sport principals to fighting. More weapons knowledge needed and various scenarios in a bar, on the bus, on a sidewalk at night, on ice, in a forest

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What Will I Learn?

  • How To Use Your Attackers Clothes To Your Advantage
  • Sparring In Normal Everyday Clothes
  • How To Use Jiu Jitsu In A Street Fight
  • Alternatives For Jiu Jitsu Technique In A Street Scenario
  • How To Avoid Striking
  • Defending Yourself Against Weapons
  • Effective Chokes Using Your Attackers Clothing

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