Taken Aback by Keenan Cornelius

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With Keenan’s help, you will demystify back control and simultaneously get better at attacking and defending from there. In this course, Keenan will reveal crucial pointers for tightening up your back control to provide you with greater confidence and ultimately more opportunities to finish the fight.

Controlling your opponent. Mastering a position isn’t about how many submissions you know, but how well you can control your opponent. Many high-level grapplers have no problem achieving the back, however, you may be surprised to know that many struggle to maintain it. Tournaments following EBI rule sets have done well to expose this. After all, when you get the back, you should have your opponent dead to rights, so losing the position is definitely a big no-no.

Attacking the back. Recklessly throwing your hooks in at any chance you get not only sets you up for losing a potential four points but also gives your opponent an almost guaranteed opportunity to escape. In this course, Keenan will take you through different scenarios and provide solutions for situations when your opponent is being stubborn, and how to effectively counter your opponent`s reactions so you can finish the match with your choice of submission.

Defending the back. Sooner or later, you`ll eventually find yourself hunched over in a turtle position, desperately trying to defend your back, which is why it`s important to know how to do so effectively. Whether you spend most of the match defending your back or not, it`s crucial to know exactly what to do when you find yourself in that type of sticky scenario. In this section of the course, you`ll find out what threats to be aware of, what you need to do to address them, and what you should be doing with your hands and feet at all times to successfully defend and escape.

How to drill all of this and get good? Watching the lessons and listening to the theory is all well and good until you go to train and realize that you`ve retained about 5% of the information. Knowing the theory is great but being able to effectively drill it, embed it into your brain, and incorporate it into your game will take your jiu jitsu to the moon. This is why Keenan has included two drilling lessons where he uses live guinea pigs to help you get the most out of this course.

Target Audience

  • Those who do all the work to get to the back only to let their opponent escape
  • Those who struggle to submit their opponent from the back
  • Those who feel like they can’t control their opponent from the back

Course Curriculum

Getting The Hooks

More Ways To Secure The Back

How To Drill All Of This And Actually Get Good?

Defending The Back

Kimura Trap


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appreciated to history and backstory of certain moves like how antiquated the traditional RNC is
Course level:All Levels

What I will learn?

  • Demystify Back Control
  • Attacking Effectively From The Back
  • Defending The Back
  • How To Drill These Techniques And Actually Get Good

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