Te Guruma

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Although this throw is currently illegal in the IFJ judo competition rules, that doesn’t make it ineffective. 

Vlad Koulikov brings you his step by step guide and the technical judo throw “Te Guruma”. In this instructional you’ll learn how to safely and effectively lift, rotate and drop your opponent on the mat using this powerful traditional judo technique.

Find out how to efficiently execute this throw, as well as how to troubleshoot counters your opponent attempts. Also included is a section specifically on connecting submissions from the te guruma throw. Perfect for finishing your fights on a high note.

Enroll today and take your training partners by surprise (safely ofcourse).

Target Audience

  • Those who want to learn how to safely execute a show stopping throw
  • Those who want to add to their arsenal of judo throws
  • Those who want to gain confidence in their stand up game

Course Curriculum


Te Guruma

Troubleshooting Situations

Submissions From The Te Guruma

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What I will learn?

  • How to safely and effectively execute the te guruma throw
  • Attacking submissions off the te guruma
  • Troubleshooting your opponent’s counters

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