The Calf Slicer

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If you’re the type of person that seeks out quick taps from their opponent, the calf slicer submission is the one for you. 

Vlad Koulikov takes you through a submission orientated system dedicated to the calf slicer. A submission traditionally used in sambo and submission wrestling. This course will give you the opportunity to throw your opponents down a whirlwind of knee exploding techniques from everywhere sans gi. 

Included are easy to implement techniques that’ll skyrocket your submission rate in just 13 steps. Learn how to apply an ungodly amount of pressure on your opponent’s calf from positions like the back mount, single leg x, truck and many more. Not only that, Vlad also show you how to troubleshoot different situations. 

Enroll today and stay ahead of the ever growing no-gi game with Vlad Koulikov’s “The Calf Slicer”.

Target Audience

  • Sambo and submission wrestling enthusiasts
  • Those who want to implement a high percentage submission system into their game
  • Those who seek quick taps from their opponent

Course Curriculum


Setting Up And Attacking The Calf Slicer

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Student Ratings & Reviews

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2 years ago
Great techniques and breakdowns. Concise and easy to implement. Highly recommend.
Course level:All Levels

What I will learn?

  • Setting up and attacking the calf slicer from positions like single leg x, mount and truck, half guard and much more.
  • Troubleshooting common situations
  • Countering opponent’s defenses

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