The Great Escapes

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Ofcourse, the ideal scenario in jiu jitsu is one where there is no need to escape bad positions. We all wanna pass, sweep & submit. However, this isn’t always the case. 

Worst case scenario.

There is always the chance that you could be that person that pulled to bottom side control and now has no choice but fight for their life & escape. 

The problem isn’t being stuck in a bad position, it’s not knowing how to escape.

Chad Hawkins brings you his “Great Escapes”, a collection of trialled and tested escapes from pretty much everywhere. Learn how to slip out of escapes from side control, mount, the back, submissions and much much more. 

Enroll today and become known as the Houdini of your gym. Just when your opponent thinks they’ve secured a position on you, POOF, and your gone 👻

Target Audience

  • Those who get stuck in unfortunate positions
  • Those who don’t know how to escape submissions and dominant positions
  • Those who want to be the next Houdini of their gym.

Topics for this course

35 Lessons


Side Control Escapes

Escaping Mount

Escaping The Back

Armbar Escapes

Triangle Escapes

Omoplata Escapes

Escaping The Lasso

Ankle Lock Escapes

Passing Spider Guard


About the instructors

Who is Chad Hawkins?   Chad Hawkins had a later start in his jiujitsu journey than most successful competitors you'll hear of. That did not deter him from accomplishing amazing things. He first started training at the age of 28 under Heath Pedigo.    Heath always instilled the champion spirit in his students, he painted a mental picture of being a world champion in their minds. That's how Chad got hooked. He recognised immediately that his teammates had an advantage over him due to his age. He knew there was something he needed to do to get an edge, to improve faster than normal, to become a world champion. He started competing as much as he possibly could, which made him sick to his stomach at times. For Chad, the thought of fighting someone he didn't know, and had no clue of what they were going to do was nauseating at times.   Heath Pedigo was an outstanding coach the whole way. Every time Chad asked him how he was going to accomplish such big things, Heath would simply look at him and say, “you’re going to win.” And that's exactly what he did.   Chad has since won IBJJF Masters Worlds 7x, Master Pan Americans 5x, Abu Dhabi Pro Trials & more.     During preparation to win another Masters Worlds title, Chad tragically herniated a disk in his back and was unable to compete for quite some time.  This has not made him lose his love for JiuJitsu. He says his goal will always be to win in all ways in life, on and off the mats.    Chad took the lessons that Heath has taught him over the years of training at Pedigo Submission Fighting, and dedicated his time to teaching others what he has learnt. He is both a world class competitor & instructor, and his online instructionals are a reflection of that.   
5.00 (6 ratings)

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Good clear easy to follow instructions

Easily digestible, to the point, wastes no time over explaining.

This instructional is a hidden gem and a must learn! Had the chance to talk to Chad on IG and he's just a great person to talk too. Very helpful and knowledgeable professor. Can't wait to test out these escapes!

Awesome course! Very nice details on the escapes

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What Will I Learn?

  • Escaping Side Control
  • Escaping Mount
  • Escaping The Back
  • Submission Escapes
  • Passing Lasso and Spider Guard

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