The North South Choke

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Are you looking for your “signature move”? Or are you consistently failing at submitting your opponents?

Perfecting a submission can take years. From finding all the correct detailing through trial and error to sharpening your skill in the training room. What if I told you, you could make the same amount of progress in half the time? 

Skip the trial and error and go straight to sharpening your skills with Jonathan Satava!

This is a course dedicated to perfecting the north south choke. That’s right, a whole course focusing on one submission so that you no longer have to go looking for extra details. They’re all included right here. 

In this course you’ll find over 30 techniques on the ins and outs of this submission. Including how to position yourself correctly, finishing mechanics from different positions and ofcourse, what to do when your opponent defends this submission in multiple ways.

Not only that, you’ll also learn how to bait different submissions that inevitably lead you to the north south choke. Transition effortlessly and never be surprised by what your opponent throws at you again.

Enroll today and fast track your submission success to new heights.

Course Curriculum


The Finish And Positioning

Side Control – Dealing With Hands

Side Control – Dealing With Head Positioning

Dealing With Chin Towards The Position

The Knee On Belly Position

What To Do When Your Opponent Is Turning Away

Transitions From The Mount

From Half Guard

Submission Set Ups


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Course level:All Levels

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