Upside Down World

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Are You Tired Of People Telling You To Only Play Half Guard Underhook Just Because You’re A Heavyweight?

Being a heavyweight has its pros and cons. Pros include being bigger than everyone you roll with and using your weight to smesh left and right. Cons on the other hand include being told to play a limited guard game that involves mostly half guard and closed guard because bigger people can’t play fancy, modern, inverted jiu jitsu right? WRONG!

Victor Hugo Introduces Modern Jiu Jitsu For The Big Person.

After releasing two instructionals here on Jiu Jitsu X, namely Big Man Flow and 50/50 Manual, Victor is here to take you under his big wing and prove to you that ANYONE can play in the Upside Down World. Whether your gi size is A0 or A5, the techniques shown in this course will make you understand that you do not need to be small and flexible to attack your opponent from the upside-down angle.

What’s Inside?

The techniques inside this course have been tested at the highest level of competition by Victor Hugo. Get your first-class ticket now and make your way through the chapters where you will learn new ways to sweep and submit from half guard, sweep and submit from the reverse de la riva, and inside chapter 3 you will learn the upside down guard. It involves berimbolos, leg drags, waiter sweeps, and back takes for the bigger person.

The Right Key To Enter The Upside Down World.

Problems inverting? Don’t worry, your nose does not have to touch your chest for these techniques to work. If your neck isn’t the most flexible, you’ll be glad to know Victor always rolls over his shoulders in this course, and you will do the exact same.


Target Audience

  • Heavyweights who are sick of playing closed guard and half guard

Course Curriculum

Half Guard

Reverse De La Riva

De La Riva

Upside Down Guard

A course by

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3 Ratings
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this instructional does not have the flowchart
Victor Hugo
2 years ago
2 years ago
Course level:All Levels

What I will learn?

  • Sweeping, Taking The Back and Submitting From;
  • The Half Guard Position
  • Reverse De La Riva
  • De La Riva
  • The Upside Down Guard

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