Vortex Of Death – A Back Taking Series

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Have you ever felt the shame of a ruthless back take? The one where your training partner is not only acting like a suction cup, but they also have their hand over your mouth. This position crushes both your neck and face but most importantly it hurts your jiu jitsu success rate and of course your ego, ouch! The purpose of this course is to take you, the backtakee, and put you on the other side of the problem. It’s time to become the feared backtaker.

Become a frequent flyer on the back take express. Kristian is an expert backpack impersonator. Once he clasps onto the back there is a sequence of submissions and controls that follows, inevitably leading to a satisfying double-tap from your opponent.

Not only will this course take you from backtakee to backtaker, but it will also help you solidify your game even if you’re already a frequent flyer on the back take express. With fine details and concepts, the Vortex of Death will provide you with a funnel of submission sequences you can throw your opponent into.

5 facts about your instructor:

1. Kristian Woodmansee AKA the “Dream Killer” is known for dominating his opponent from the back.
2. He started jiu jitsu when he was 20 years old and now has accumulated over 13 years of grappling experience.
3. World Champion, X3 Pan Am Champion, X2 European Champion.
4. Top rooster weight competitor of his generation.
5. Has competed worldwide for teams such as Team Lloyd Irvin, Drysdale Jiu Jitsu & Atos Jiu Jitsu.


Target Audience

  • For those who struggle to maintain the back
  • For people who struggle to submit their opponent from the back
  • For beginners who easily fall off the back

Course Curriculum

Watch 3 Free Lessons Here
3 Free Lessons With Kristian Woodmansee

Kristian Woodmansee tells you what you should expect.

High Quality Back Takes
This is where you learn how to get really good at taking the back.

Maintaining The Back
How good are you at maintaining the back? Time to get even better!

Submitting From The Back
In this section, you'll learn how to submit your opponent from the back.

That's all folks, Kristian drops the mic.

Enter JJX Theatre Mode
1 hour and 40 mins of back taking and submitting techniques, no interruptions.

Student Ratings & Reviews

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6 Ratings
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2 years ago
2 years ago
3 years ago
Really like the concepts for a smaller athlete. Very much appreciate the attention to detail of the retention drill and the 3 key points.
3 years ago
I have improved significantly at controlling and submitting from the back because of this instructional. Kristian's explanation of these concepts are incredibly helpful and worth your time. He makes it easy to follow and understand so you can take these concepts on to the mat.
3 years ago
Very detailed!! A lot of good ideas and concepts about back take and mantaing back control.
3 years ago
This instructional is simply phenomenal. Professor Woodmansee gives you concepts and focus areas. The Idea of putting them in a vortex where the only escape is the tap. Not the typical step do step 1,2,3,4. I recommend this to anyone looking to get better at taking, controlling, and finishing from the back. Especially if your a smaller person like me.

Once again the quality of Jiu-Jitsu X is second to none. Best quality instructionals on the market with the best instructors.
Course level:All Levels

What I will learn?

  • Fine details & concepts on how to easily take, maintain & submit from the back
  • Drills on how to control the hips, head and shoulder positions
  • Submission sequences that inevitably lead to the tap
  • Identifying red flags in positions
  • How to implement strategy

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