No-Gi Half Guard

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Half guard is a huge staple in ADCC trials winner, William Tackett ‘s game. And in this course he takes you through everything you need to know to be in complete control over your opponent from the half guard position sans gi. These are the techniques he used to climb to the top of the no-gi scene.

Learn how to properly control your opponent regardless of them moving too much or not moving at all. Included are key details on how to efficiently hand fight as well as distance management. 

Whether you’ve just started dipping your toes in the no-gi scene or have been grappling for years this is the perfect course for you. Suitable for all levels from white to black belt. William Tackett takes you through an array of techniques. From basic sweeps to advanced sweeps as well as a sprinkle of submissions. And yes, leglock entries are included in here too. Implement techniques such as the “wiggle wiggle”, 2 on 1 details, the underhook sweep and much much more. Included are also key points on countering your opponent’s defences and escaping tricky situations.

Enroll today to learn the ins and out’s of William Tackett ‘s half guard. With this course you have the upper hand. 

Target Audience

  • Those who struggle controlling their opponent in no-gi
  • This course is for you is you’ve just started dipping your toes in the no-gi scene and want a both reliable and efficient system to implement into your game.
  • Those looking for key half guard details

Course Curriculum


Half Guard Positioning

Hand Fighting And Wrist Control

Sweeping Attacks

Set Ups

Advanced Sweeps

Recovering Your Guard


Leg Entries


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Student Ratings & Reviews

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Anton Valianos
2 years ago
need more about pass defence, but good course
Rene Sousa
2 years ago
William is so cerebral !! All his techniques are not just simple movements but concepts that you can directly implement into your game ! Really great pick up 🔥
2 years ago
2 years ago
Amazing course with great details. I love the half guard and being in my 40’s I found that what I learned in this course from William is helping me control younger athletic opponents easier. I highly recommend this course and can’t wait for more! Oss.
2 years ago
Great instructional! I’m not one to play half guard a lot.. I use it more of pit stop guard compared to how often I use closed guard and my DlR/RDLR. I know that the half guard is the last layer of guard so I don’t play it much. My confidence for it wasn’t there. After watching William do extremely well with his half guard at a high level of competition I decided to take a look at this course, after watching learning some great details I’m excited and more confident to play with my half guard.
2 years ago
2 years ago
William is incredibly articulate and succinct as a teacher. Very adept at prescribing details to help accelerate your ability to incorporate these techniques into your games.
Miha Perhavec
2 years ago
Finding some really useful concepts in here. William is elite
Course level:All Levels

What I will learn?

  • Hand fighting details
  • Distance management
  • Overall control over your opponent sans gi
  • Basic sweeps from half guard
  • Advanced sweeps
  • Submissions

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