WTF – Wrestling, Takedowns & Flying Submissions

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Do you scroll endlessly on Instagram watching reels of sick takedowns only to be left with self-loathing thoughts like “why can’t that be me?”

Or are you the type of grappler that’s always tempted to stand up but once it’s time to show off your takedown skills, fear kicks in and you pull guard. 

Give yourself the chance to be DEADLY at wrestling with little effort.

More and more people are stripping off the pyjamas and getting into some wrestling and stand up face offs which is why we got the wrestling ninja AKA Andy Varela to show you how to be the dominant opponent. 

Andy believes that a common misconception about wrestling is that it’s difficult. The main goal of this course (appropriately named “WTF – Wrestling, Takedowns & Flying Submissions”) is to show you how to take advantage of small details to get your opponent to the ground with as little as energy as possible. Suitable for EVERYONE, white to black belt level.

Enroll today and gain street cred, impressive highlight reels and beautiful smooth submissions

Target Audience

  • Those who want to make wrestling easy for themselves
  • Those who want to use little energy but want to achieve maximum results
  • Those who want to learn how to do the slickest submissions
  • Beginners who want to take advantage of small details that make a big impact

Course Curriculum

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Collar Tie

2 On 1

Arm Drag

Single Leg Entries

Taking Your Opponent Down From The Back

Breaking Down An Opponent That Has A Strong Base

Chin Strap

Flying Triangle

Grounded Opponent


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What I will learn?

  • How to take advantage of small details.
  • How to execute wrestling movements and takedowns smoothly
  • Countering opponents’ defenses
  • How to hit sick submissions from stand up

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