Xanadu Guard

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Levi has been kicking up a storm on the jiu jitsu scene for years, evolving the berimbolo game as he made his way through the ranks.

In his latest instructional, Levi brings you “Xanadu Guard”. A compilation of basic guard retention techniques and entries. As well as innovative guard systems designed to give you the extra edge on the mat.

If you play a game that involves inverting, you’re gonna find this guard a great addition to your jiu jitsu. 

The xanadu guard came to fruition when Levi began noticing his opponents were always keeping their hips back when he was attempting to go under them. With the help of his professor and teammates,  xanadu guard came to life as a system that can be used in conjunction with the berimbolo game to attack.

Included in this course are guard retention fundamentals, countering well known passes and the de la riva guard. Also included are xanadu entries and troubleshooting common situations. As well as submissions from crucifix and xanadu guard. And last but not least, reverse xanadu. 

This is the cutting edge of the evolution of the berimbolo game. A new area that hasn’t been explored yet in jiu jitsu. 

Enroll today and surprise your opponents with the newest techniques jiu jitsu has to offer.  

Target Audience

  • Berimbolo enthusiasts
  • Those who have trouble countering their opponents berimbolo defences
  • Those who want the latest techniques jiu jitsu has to offer

Course Curriculum



Countering Passes

The De La Riva

Xanadu Guard Entries

Troubleshooting Xanadu Guard

Submissions From The Crucifix

Submissions From The Xanadu Guard

Reverse Xanadu Guard

Options From The Body X


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5 Ratings
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2 years ago
2 years ago
2 years ago
If you berimbolo this is a must learn
2 years ago
excellent info from Levi. this content will serve you even better if you went to one of his seminars as well!
Course level:Intermediate

What I will learn?

  • Guard retention details
  • How to counter common passes
  • The de la riva guard
  • Xanadu guard entries and submissions
  • Troubleshooting the xanadu guard
  • Crucifix entries and submissions

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