Leg Locksmith

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The leg locksmith, Gannon Lang, is here to take you through his detailed leg locking guidebook. This course features the breaking mechanics of the straight ankle lock, kneebar, toehold and heelhook.

Enroll in this course and get access to key details on how to transition from one submission to the next, inevitably securing the double tap both on the mat and on the gram. 

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Have you been dipping your toes into the leg lock scene? But whatever you do, you just can’t seem to position your opponent’s feet properly to secure the tap?

This course will turn your sweaty arms into velcro and your legs into suction cups, ready to latch onto your opponents legs and lock in the most dangerous of positions.

1 review for Leg Locksmith

  1. Aaron Willis (verified owner)

    As a fresh purple belt, the time has come to not ignore legs any longer. With the brown strap looming in the future, I have to make micro adjustments (lol) now as to avoid the dreaded participation bronze IBJJF medals at the Master 1 level.

    Thank you Gannon for the affordable, yet wildly informative course on ankle locks, toe holds, kneebahs, and heelhooks from the inside bukake made easy!

    If leg spaghetti makes your brain hurt, buy this.

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