Mount Keenanmanjaro


The ultimate top game course your opponent doesn’t want you to know about.

Join American jiu jitsu black belt, European Champion, Pan Am Champion, World Nogi Champion, ADCC Silver Medalist, Asian Open Champion and People’s Champion Keenan Cornelius as he shows you how to make your opponent’s life a living hell when you’re on top.

BE ON TOP AND STAY ON TOP — Passing guard, taking your opponent down or sweeping them is hard work, and that hard work will be for nothing if you can’t hold the high ground. With the lessons you’ll learn inside this course, you’ll never lose the top position again!

MORE THAN THE MOUNT — Get Keenan’s expert advice on control, transitioning and submitting your opponent from a variety of positions including the mount, kesa gatame, north south and side control.

MASTER OFFENSE AND DEFENSE — A world class top game wouldn’t be complete without also knowing how to escape it. Not only will you have your own get out of jail free card when you need it, you’ll also be able to recognize your opponent’s attempts to escape and can rob them of all hope when you see fit.


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