Tactical X

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Not everyone wants to play guard for an entire match, and if you’ve got a killer top game, you need to have a reliable system under your belt to help you quickly and reliably turn the tables when you find yourself on your back.

This is your complete roadmap to sweeping your opponent from the single leg-x, detailing every reaction they may have so you can stay one step ahead at all times.

FOOLPROOF ENTRIES FROM A COMPETITION SYSTEM THAT WORKS — Discover multiple entries from a variety of positions and how to use your opponent’s defenses against them to make your entry to the single leg-x a piece of cake.

MASTER THE 3 PILLARS OF CONTROL — Discover how to use your grips to deny your opponent the pass when they put their knee on the mat, on your chest, or by standing tall.

TURN THE TABLES ON YOUR OPPONENT – Keep them constantly off-balance and in a state of confusion as you sweep them to the mat. Inside, you’ll discover the secrets to reliably limiting your opponent’s options while significantly increasing your own.

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Master the single leg x position with Conner DeAngelis, in crispy 4K quality.

Here's a sneak peak of what's waiting for you inside this instructional.

4 reviews for Tactical X

  1. brad whitman

    This is a great instructional. I really enjoyed how extensively DCD covers everything that encompasses SLX. DCD extensively covers the various ways to enter SLX, what your opponents reactions will be, and then covers how to respond to your opponents reactions in order to nail the sweeps/takedowns. He does a great job explaining the “why” behind everything he demonstrates which is especially important to me as a white belt 🙏🏼

  2. Anthony Hwang (verified owner)

    This DVD will literally change your DLR game from a blue belt to a world class brownbelt/blackbelt DLR/Single leg x system.

    Mr. Deangelis has some of the best instruction I have seen in my life. I had the opportunity to even talk with him on the phone and man the amount of thoughts that went into his DVD is amazing.

    By and large, and the reason why I think this DVD is literally the best one on this site, is because Conor teaches a FULL SYSTEM. There is a not a single DVD imo that truly gives a full-circular system like Conor does. He literally gives you the reaction to the reaction to the reaction. The man is a genius and you’d be a total fool for not buying probably the best DVD of this year.

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