Flow Theory – A Guide To Transitioning Between Guards

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Many grapplers focus on developing a knowledge of unlimited techniques, however, what isn’t analyzed enough is what it takes to get from point A to point B, i.e. transitioning and combining these techniques.

What’s the point in knowing all these techniques if you don’t know how to merge them into a systematic flow inevitably resulting in victory?

“Flow Theory” by Andris Brunovskis is a field guide on how to transition from guard to guard while attacking your opponent and countering their defenses. This is a tactical strategy that gives you the upper hand.

Course Curriculum

Introduction To The Flow Theory
Latvian sniper, Andris Brunovskis breaks it down for you.

Collar & Sleeve Guard
Learn how to collar and sleeve the right way.

Lazer Guard
2 on 1 power, learn how to use this overpowered guard to suck your opponent into a world of trouble.

Modified X Guard
Check out how Andris modified the classic X to suit his needs, and how u can do the same.

De La Riva Transitions
Learn how to transition from de la riva to other guards... safely.

Lasso De La Riva
Your opponent won't know what's going on.

Spider Lasso
Combining the spider and lasso guards into one.

Worm De La X
Fan of worm guard? Add on to your game with the worm de la x.

Lapel Half
Half guard just became that much stronger.

Flow Theory Outro
That's all folks, Andris Brunovskis' got one more thing to tell you before you go and destroy your training partners.

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