Game Of Chokes

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What’s the most satisfying way to win a match? 

Yes exactly, by submission. Nothing beats the feeling of slapping on a choke & squeezing your opponent to an inevitable tap. 

Unfortunately, this may not always be the case. Especially in no-gi situations where your opponent feels like a slimy eel slipping out of your grasp, as soon as you try to apply a submission. 

What you’re missing is the teachings of choke master, Alex Humen. 

In his instructional “ Game Of Chokes”, Alex will be taking you through a variety of no-gi chokes from common positions and situations. Learn how to apply high percentage chokes from standing, turtle, guard and much much more. Also included in this course is how to efficiently pass, escape and counter your opponents’ dominant positions and to further transition to, you guessed it, more chokes. 

Enroll today and say good night to your opponents.

Target Audience

  • Those who want to add to their no-gi submission game
  • Those who have trouble with opponents escaping submissions
  • Those who are afraid of going for submissions incase they lose their dominant positions

Topics for this course

35 Lessons


Attacking From Turtle

Attacking From Standing

Attacking From Guard

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About the instructors

Who is Alex Humen?


Alex was born in the Ukraine, in a town called Zinkiv. He first started sports at the age of 5, playing soccer. A few years later at the age of 9 he joined a wrestling team. He stuck with wrestling his entire childhood, when he attended university he continued to pursue his passion for wrestling. Alex was an active wrestling competitor for over 10 years, until he took a 2 year long break from both training and competing.  


After two long years, Alex took part in an international exchange program in Poland, and in 2010 began training again. Around that time period, he started to train MMA, and travelled to multiple countries to experience their martial arts culture. 


In 2013 Alex moved to the United States as a student, where he later found himself at a JiuJitsu gym for the first time. He received his blue belt after only 5 months of training. Fast forward to years later and Alex is now the head coach at UFC gym in Virginia beach. 


Alex specialises in chokeholds, specifically darce chokes. Which is exactly what his instructional is all about!

Random Facts about Alex

Alex is trained in the ancient martial art called Pankration, which is a sporting event introduced into the Greek Olympic Games in 648 BC.
5.00 (6 ratings)

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I have not completed the instructional yet, however, what I have seen so far is very detailed and informative. Alex has a way of not complicating the detail by being very precise in his instruction and going over it several times explaining in a way that a beginner or advanced practitioner would understand and appreciate. Personally, Alex is a kind and humble man doing a lot for Jiu Jitsu, his community, free instructions on his Instagram page, as well as helping to support his home country of Ukraine from afar.

Outstanding instructional!!

I can’t believe how much content is available!

This is legit CHANGING MY GAME!!!

I highly recommend!!

This instructional is great! The details on setting up and finishing chokes are fantastic.

Excellent. Detailed. Practical.

Couldn't enjoy this course anymore, excellent teacher who teaches in a way that really sinks it in and gives you are tremendous game plan. This has taught me a whole new way to look at attacking, passing and even playing guard, not to mention getting a nasty anaconda choke. Can't recommend this enough, get it now!

Alex is a world class grapplier and amazing human being! Alex is a natural teacher. I've know Alex for 4 years and he even took time to teach me on my first open mat as a awhitebelt and is always encouraging! Also, his front headlock game is deadly!!

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What Will I Learn?

  • Applying chokes from turtle, standing & guard
  • Countering your opponents’ escapes
  • Transitioning from dominant positions to submissions effectively
  • Combining guard passes with submissions

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