Malachy Freidman’s Instructional For People Who Can’t Half Guard Good Part 2: Knee Shield Attacks And Transitions

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Are you sick of being forced into half guard? Well don’t be. Your opponent is doing you a big favour putting you in what will soon your most stable, reliable and offensive guard game.

Turn your defensive half guard game into an offensive well rounded system. 

This is your answer to every half guard question with OVER 50 LESSONS of high percentage techniques guranteed to take you from half guard amateur to pro. 

Part 2 of Malachy Friedman’s “Instructional For People Who Can’t Half Guard Good” includes a plethora of transitions, submissions, sweeps, half guard trickery and counters ALL FROM THE HALF GUARD.

Enroll today and unlock the unlimited potential in your half guard game. 

Target Audience

  • Those who want to turn their half guard into an offensive, dominating position
  • Those who want to rid themselves of half guard stereotypes
  • Those who want to add to their arsenal of half guard attacks, counters and transitions.

Topics for this course

61 Lessons


Gripping Details

Arm Drag From Half Guard



Dental Flossing

Far Side Lapel Control And Rocking The Baby


Kimura From Half Guard

Heisen Guard

More Submissions From Half Guard


About the instructors

Malachy Friedman is a 3rd degree Black Belt most well known for his innovative instructionals and unique technique and delivery in his teaching. Malachy created the "The Darce Killer", a one stop shop to stopping the Darce choke and "The Heisenguard" , a completely new guard that allowed high level players flexibitily in their guard transitions and beginners a new option to beat higher belts. Malachy committed 90 often never seen or taught techniques to the Jiu-Jitsu_X platform in his 2 part KneeShield Half Guard series "Instructional For People Who Can't HalfGuard Good"
5.00 (8 ratings)

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I've been a half-guard player for a while now this gave me more tools to add to my tool bag. I have been able to implement concepts from the course and been successful with them in training and competition. 10-10 would recommend for anyone who wants a better half guard.

Amazing Instructional. Knee Shiled is a very effective guard and natural for begginers having that knee blocking your opponnent. This instructional will help you transform you instinctive knee shield in a more tec knee shield.

This is the most technically sound course I have seen on the half guard. The material is easy to digest and the execution is excellent. Very innovative work by Prof Friedman.

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What Will I Learn?

  • Gripping Details
  • Arm Drag From Half Guard
  • Underhooking And Dominating
  • Dental Flossing
  • Far Side Lapel Control And Rocking The Baby
  • Sweeps And Submissions
  • The Heisen Guard

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