Robert Drysdales Top 10 Top 10s

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Who is Robert Drysdale and what is this course?

Robert Drysdale is one of the most accomplished jiu jitsu competitors in the world, he is a 4th degree Black Belt and holds an MMA record of 7-0. In his Top 10, Top 10 series, he breaks down the techniques and sequences that made him a champion and how to incorporate them into your personal game. You`ll learn how to attack from every position possible, including side control, mount, back mount, guard passes, and sweeps from every position you can imagine. If you want to take your jiu jitsu to the next level with Robert Drysdale`s Top 10, Top 10 course, get started today! The course contains 10 nogi chapters and 1 gi chapter.

Finding the right jiu jitsu material to study can be very FRUSTRATING!

We’ve all been there. You’re feeling like your jiu jitsu is not improving and you find there are so many holes in your game you don’t even know which course to enroll into. We don’t blame you, but…

What if you didn’t have to choose…

Is that guard passing course your missing puzzle piece? Is this sweeping or takedown course really what you’re looking for? Should I just lift more weights instead and eat more acai? If these are questions that crossed your mind before, Robert is here to put a stop to your daydreaming and provide you with 11 solid answers.

Target Audience

  • For those looking for an all round system to use in no-gi
  • For those looking for options from different positions

Course Curriculum

Watch 10 Free Lessons | 1 From Each Section

  • 04:36
  • The Bulldozer
  • Single Leg Takedown
  • Turtle Position Fundamentals
  • Knee Slide To Head Lock
  • Back Control Fundamentals
  • Turtle Position Control Fundamentals
  • Triangle From Butterfly Guard
  • Wrist Lock From Frame
  • Head and Arm Choke

Guard Passes



Back Take Series – GI

Position Escapes

Attacks From The Back

Attacks From The Turtle

Submissions From The Guard

Submissions From Side Control

Fundamental Mount Submissions

Submission Escapes

Student Ratings & Reviews

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2 Ratings
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2 years ago
3 years ago
One week in, and thoroughly enjoying this content thus far! Robert Drysdale’s superb instruction matches very well with my grappling style and physical attributes. Outstanding production value, etc., from Jiu Jitsu X, et al. Enthusiastically recommend this course to others! (Reviewer: BJJ black belt with prior IBJJF competition experience.)
Course level:All Levels

What I will learn?

  • Learn Robert’s Favourite Reliable Guard Passes, Sweeps & Takedowns
  • How To Take The Back Effectively
  • How To Escape Dominant Positions
  • Attacking Your Opponent From The Back
  • Attacking Your Opponent From The Turtle Position
  • Submitting Your Opponent From Guard, Side Control & Mount
  • Escaping Submissions

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