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Having a hard time finding ‘your game’? Finding your game in jiu jitsu can be confusing, everyone plays different guards, everyone hunts different submissions, some people like to pass while others like to play on the bottom. Are you just as confused as I am? How are you meant to know what path to choose when every week your professor shows something new and you keep bouncing around from spider guard to knee cut passing, and on to submissions from the back the following week?! It’s time you stick to one thing… and get really damn good at it.

Get to home base to hit the home run. You don’t have to be strong to make things work from ‘home’. Jake’s whole Single Leg Xpressway system is based on going around certain situations to make things work in your favor. ‘Home’ is what Jake refers to as the single leg X position. This will be your go-to system, and once you get there, you’re home. Why? Because being home feels calming, comfortable and safe… just like how you will feel playing single leg X after studying this course.

One-Way Ticket With The Single Leg Xpressway Please. The single leg X position is regarded as one of the most potent guards in jiu jitsu and Jake Watson is here to reveal all of his tips & tricks to make this THE system you can rely on to control, dominate, and submit your training partners or competition nemeses.

Not sure where to begin? Follow this course’s flowchart HERE.

Target Audience

  • For those who have a weak single leg x guard
  • For people who want to implement a new reliable guard system into their game
  • For those who struggle to pass single leg x guard

Topics for this course

38 Lessons

Setting Up Single Leg X

Attacks From Single Leg X

Defending Single Leg X


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5.00 (3 ratings)

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Great instructional. Concise, but full of details. I don’t think any video was over 5 minutes which meant my attention was fully engaged for each video all the way through. This is my introduction to Jake Watson and I would get an instructional from him again. 100%.

Let me 1st start off by saying that the Berimbolo From SLX did get me a girl friend as Jake said it would, however I didn`t want a girl friend and caused my marraige to fall apart. So just be careful with that.

Back to the product. I found it really helpful. The course focuses heavily on the approach and set up but any one stripe white belt will tell you, position before submission. His ability to break it down has improved my game greatly. I would like to see more SLX. If JJX puts a deep dive into SLX i`ll be on that faster than flies on poop.

I`ve been fortunate to watch Jake implement his single leg x techniques since purple belt against some of the best competitors in the world. This course covers Jake`s best setups, attacks, and passes from a position he`s used successfully countless times in tournaments. If you`re looking for clear, concise instruction on the single leg x position then this is the best course for you!

All Levels

What Will I Learn?

  • Entering the single leg X from when your opponent is on the knees.
  • Entering the single leg X from when your opponent is standing.
  • Entering the single leg X off the guard pull.
  • Attacking footlocks and leglocks from single leg X (using lapels).
  • Sweeping your opponent from single leg X.
  • Preventing your opponent from traping you inside their single leg X.
  • Passing the single leg X.

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