Sleeve Grip Guard Attacks – Systemically Starting Sleeves

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Do you find yourself struggling to keep distance between you and your opponent when playing guard?

Getting your guard crushed can be demoralising but there’s something worse. There’s knowing you get smash passed and not doing anything about it.

Become proactive in solving your jiu jitsu dilemmas with Rachel Ranschau’s latest course “Systemically Starting Sleeves”. This is a course based on sleeve grip guard attacks.

In this course you’ll learn to establish distance between yourself and your opponent using guards that are based on the use of the sleeve grip. Keep the pressure off with sections dedicated to positions such as the shallow lasso, 2 on 1, cross sleeve and ankle underhook, sit up guard and last but not least deep lasso. Learn how to both sweep, attack and counter your opponents defences with the above guards and much much more!

Watch 3 FREE lesson below for a taster of what it’s like to not get your guard crushed simultaneously.

Course Curriculum

Meet Your Instructor, Rachel Ranschau

Shallow Lasso And Sleeve Grip

2 On 1

Cross Sleeve And Ankle Underhook

Sit Up Guard

Deep Lasso


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