The Buggy Choke – Let Them Pass

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“It’s time to buggy choke the world!” – Rene Sousa 

Not long ago getting to side control was a dominant position where you could progress your game with no worries. Not anymore! The buggy choke has revolutionised the jiu jitsu game taking many by surprise. Side control is no longer a safe haven but a danger zone. So much so that people are now LETTING YOU PASS just so they can buggy choke you.

If you’re feeling out of the jiu jitsu loop or have been on the other end of th buggy choke, tapped without mercy from side control, this course is for you.

Rene Sousa brings you his step by step field guide on the infamous submission, the buggy choke. Learn how to set it up, transition between positions, counter defenses and much much more. Not only that, you’ll also find out how to defend the buggy chokes.

Enroll today and hit your opponents with the most unexpected submission of all. 

Course Curriculum

Setting Up The Buggy

Transitions, Counter And Defense Situations

Buggy Choke Defense


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