Looking to start your leglocking career or do you already love leglocks so much you want to learn the latest and hottest entries and breaking mechanics?

Inside this mini heelhook encyclopedia, Azamat Hamzathanov begins by teaching you a little bit about the straight ankle lock and how to do the most damage, right after that… HEELHOOKS, a lot of heelhooks!

Make your way through this course to learn the different grips you must use to apply the cleanest heelhook, how to enter into inside and outside heelhooks from many bottom and top positions (including standing), and of course… every good leglocker must know how to defend leglocks, so Azamat made sure to throw in some of the most important things to know if you want to be comfortable during a leglock shootout.

Enroll now to get a better understanding of heelhooks so you can get more taps every training session.

Target Audience

  • For people who want to learn heelhooks
  • For experienced heelhookers looking for new details
  • For people who want to know how to defend and escape heelhooks
  • For professors looking for new details to teach their students

Topics for this course

31 Lessons


Chapter 1: Offensive Principles

Chapter 2: Defensive Principles

Chapter 3: Entries from Bottom Position

Chapter 4: Entries from Top/Standing Position


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What Will I Learn?

  • Learn how to apply the ankle lock
  • Learn how to apply the heelhook
  • Learn how to enter into heelhook positions from top and bottom
  • Learn how to defend and escape heelhooks
  • Learn when to tap

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