Big Man Flow

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Have you ever wished you could keep up with opponents on the mat?

Felt you could have escaped that submission or stopped your guard from being passed? Ever saw an opportunity to pass your opponent’s guard, take their back, or submit them, but missed out because you couldn’t move fast enough to take it? Have you ever been told you’re just too heavy to move like a lightweight, and you should just stick to “old school” moves?

It`s no secret that speed kills on the mats…

And while being heavier does have its advantages, like size, strength, and incredible pressure passing power; those advantages often go hand-in-hand with disadvantages such as being too slow on your back or gassing out too quickly against faster, more athletic opponents.

How would you like to gain an unfair advantage over everyone in your weight division?

…AND frustrate faster, more athletic opponents by hitting moves with the speed and agility of a lightweight, without sacrificing your pressure game? It’s not what you think. The truth is, you don’t have to go on a diet to lose weight, start Olympic lifting or perform hours and hours of cardio to improve your speed on the mats.

Move like a lightweight and CRUSH like a super-heavyweight!

Victor Hugo is not only jiu jitsu’s most devastating up and comer, he’s also the number one ranked pound-for-pound athlete, who has defeated some of the biggest and baddest competitors to ever put on a gi. What’s his secret? It’s simple: Victor discovered a way to use fast modern jiu jitsu, commonly seen in the lighter divisions, to get the jump on his opponent’s before they ever knew what hit them. And this is your golden opportunity to do the same.

Not sure where to begin? Follow this course’s flowchart HERE.

Target Audience

  • Heavy Weight Grapplers
  • Those Who Want To Move Like A Light Weight But Crush Like A Heavy Weight

Course Curriculum

Interview With Victor Hugo

Bottom Game

Top Game

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3 Ratings
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What I will learn?

  • How To Stay Mobile On Your Back Without Grips
  • How To Move Like A Light Weight Grappler
  • Countering Your Opponents’ Defenses With Takedowns, Sweeps & Submissions
  • Multiple Open Guard Options For The Heavier Weight Competitor
  • Passing Guard With The Big Man Flow Approach

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