The notorious lapel guard has become one of the most innovative guards in all BJJ history. It’s literally changed the game from being a stand alone guard to now reinforcing other well known guards such as de la riva, reverse de la riva, x-guard and more. 

The Way Of The Lapel

 The lapel system isn’t just a guard game, it’s almost a way of life. Hence the name of Ciccarelli’s most anticipated course “Tao Of Lapel”. “Tao?” You’re wondering, “what’s that?”. Well I’m glad you asked. “Tao” means the path or way and in this course, brought to you by one of jiu jitsu’s most innovative competitors, you’ll be learning the way of the lapel in ways you haven’t seen before. 

The Latest Lapel Entanglements 

Join Margot Ciccarelli in an exploration of lapel guard systems that will take your jiu jitsu to the next level. Begin trapping your opponents in the worst of entanglements, and start racking up the points on your side of the scoreboard. 

Target Audience

  • For those who want the latest lapel sauce
  • For those who want to establish a strong and difficult to pass guard system
  • For practitioners who want to reinforce an already established guard game such as de la riva, x guard etc.
  • For jiujiteiros who want to copy and paste never before seen guards into their game.

Course curriculum

23 Lessons

Conceptual Overview

Lapel Lasso

Lapel La Riva

Neo Guard

Reverse De La Worm


Materials Included

About the instructor

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A must have for any lapel enthusiast! Helped me be able to play both lapels instead of just on one side. Margot is a excellent teacher who helps not only with the specific technique but the concepts that make them work. Highly recommend to anyone!

Not sure if I should give this a 1 or 5 star review. My wife watched it, her attachments and connections improved and I couldn’t pass her guard so….



What Will I Learn?

  • Gripping Methodology
  • Breaking Posture Mechanics
  • Creating A Strong Lapel Lasso
  • Backtakes
  • The Lapel La Riva Guard
  • The Pocket Guard
  • The Neo Guard
  • Submissions From Lapel Guards
  • Fake Lapel Entanglements
  • Reverse De La Worm
  • The Belt Guard
  • Drills

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