Ever wished for ONE really good no gi course that goes over EVERYTHING? Are you tired of looking for courses, not knowing where to even start? Today is the day we can help you with that! 

Kyvann, a skilled jiu jitsu black belt athlete, has carefully curated a course that covers the fundamental to advanced techniques necessary for success in no gi. Whether you’re a beginner or an avid competitor, this course has something for you. It includes must-know moves as a guard player, guard passer, and when standing up. All are specifically designed to improve your overall no gi game with a variety of techniques that will add a new dimension to your strategy.

In the course, Kyvann takes you through a range of essential no gi positions, including shin on shin, wrestling up, false reap entry, and kiss of the dragon, to name just a few. He also shares his extensive knowledge of passing, with chapters dedicated to the knee slice, folding pass, kneeshield pass, bodylock pass, and stomping pass. Mastering the ability to recognize your position and respond with strategic thinking can be a time-consuming process. However, with the comprehensive training provided in this course, you will learn to identify key situations and develop effective responses that can neutralize any opponent’s style.

With Kyvann’s guidance, you can cut your learning curve in half and start drilling with your partner right away. You’ll quickly notice an increase in your confidence as you become more aware of your position and learn how to react with calmness and logical thinking.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to take your no gi skills to the next level. Sign up for “Core no gi” by Kyvann Gonzales-Jiminez today!

Target Audience

  • For those wanting to make improvements to their No Gi game
  • For those looking for an extensive No Gi course going over variety of positions
  • For those wanting to implement more open guard
  • For those looking to enhance passing skills

Course Curriculum

Watch 3 Free Lessons Here


Opponent Kneeling

Opponent Standing

RDLR – Reverse De La Riva


Bodylock Sequence

Stomp Pass



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Course level:All Levels

What I will learn?

  • No Gi Fundamentals
  • Wrestling Up
  • No Gi submissions
  • No Gi Open Guard
  • No Gi Passing

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