Brad’s Back Take Bible

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If you’re the grappler who often gets pulled off the back or slips off easily this course is for you. 

Taking the back can be a difficult endeavor a lot of the time which is why Brad Souders brings you his very own “Back Taking Bible”. A complete one-stop shop for all things back-taking. Not only will you learn how to create favorable positions for taking the back. You’ll also find out how to efficiently take the back AND KEEP THE BACK from these positions.

Included are sections on fundamental back-taking concepts, what to do when your opponent turtles, maneuvering the side mount, mount and north south positions. Effortlessly take the back from both the top and bottom positions. 

Enroll today and latch onto your opponent’s backs like there’s no tomorrow.

Target Audience

  • Those who slip of the back easily
  • Those who want to learn how to create favourable positions for taking the back
  • Those who want to latch onto their opponent’s backs easily

Course Curriculum

Introducing Brad Souders

Back Taking Concepts

The Turtle Position

Side Mount, Mount And North South

Guard: Top

Guard: Bottom

Finishes From The Back


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Student Ratings & Reviews

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6 Ratings
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2 years ago
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2 years ago
Tanner Matthews
2 years ago
Great instruction. Great details on taking the back and attacking from there. Brad is easily one of the best instructors I’ve ever learned from.
2 years ago
Course level:All Levels

What I will learn?

  • Back taking concepts
  • The turtle position
  • Maneuvering the side mount, mount and north south positions
  • Taking the back from the top position
  • Taking the back from the bottom position

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