Colton Smith – Side Ride & American Scarf System

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Do you find yourself getting frustrated by your opponents turning to turtle as an escape route?

After forcing your opponent to defend, the last thing you want to happen is them turtling and retaining their guard. All that work thrown out the window. Makes you breathe a sigh of “oh my god I have to do all that AGAIN, and this time, I’m tired!”

Colton Smith’s “Side Ride & American Scarf System” is a simple yet effective approach to controlling your opponent once they’ve succumbed to the nuisance that is turtling. 

Learn how to easily break down their defense, take control of the situation, annoy them a little and finish the match on a positive note with an oh so satisfying double tap. 

Target Audience

  • Those who struggle to get the hooks in
  • For the grappler who gets frustrated when their opponent turtles
  • For those who want to both annoy and submit their opponent from the side ride
  • For grapplers who find it difficult to break down their opponent’s defenses

Course Curriculum

Side Ride

American Scarf

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2 Ratings
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2 years ago
Detailed and easy to follow instruction.
2 years ago
Course level:Intermediate

What I will learn?

  • Breaking down your opponent’s defenses from the side ride position
  • Pinning your opponent when you can’t take the back
  • Controlling your opponent from the side ride position
  • Various submissions from the side ride and american scarf positions

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