Grab Your Hat, It’s Time To Go All Indiana Jones Up In Here. Are you unsure about what exactly you have to do or what exactly you should be hunting for from the bottom? We’ve all heard the question “what’s your game?” or “what’s your go-to guard?”. Some of us have it figured out, some of us kinda have an idea but are still on the fence, and some of us just play what’s given to us. Closed guard, half guard, lasso, or Anubis guard? It’s time you have a system of your own!

Have you been searching for a hidden treasure? Well, you just found it! The Anubis guard isn’t just another lapel guard you can use to reinforce the position you’re in, it is a whole system you can master to trap your opponent from many different common guards like de la riva, reverse de la riva, half guard, etc…

Mummify Your Opponents With The Open Anubis, Closed Anubis, The Sarcophagus & The Tomb. What are all these you ask? When Mr. Lang resurrected Anubis (once the god of the afterlife) he discovered these 4 gems that complete the Anubis guard. Each one of the 4 acts as a counter to your opponent’s counters. Once you enter the Anubis guard, a world of extremely powerful control, submissions, sweeps, and much more will be revealed. Are you ready to master this power?

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Target Audience

  • For lapel guard enthusiasts
  • For those that want to add completely new and unknown guards to their game
  • For the grappler who wants to take his guard game to the next level

Topics for this course

35 Lessons

Entering Closed Anubis Guard

Back Attacks & Sweeps

Open Anubis Guard

Into The Sarcophagus


Outro – Exiting The Tomb

About the instructors

Who is Gannon Lang?

 Gannon is a young jiu jitsu competitor/coach from Fredericksburg, Virginia. His origins with jiujitsu began in 2014 at Dárcio Lira JiuJitsu.  Gannon had a pretty “normal” childhood and upbringing, playing soccer, getting good grades in school and going to college. At the same time as attending college, he was attempting to pursue a career in jiu jitsu. That was no easy task. He often found his college classes interfered with his training, and he was becoming increasingly unhappy with the situation.  In 2017, Gannon decided to go with his gut, and pursue the career that made him happy, jiu jitsu. He dropped out of college and immersed himself in training & competing. He would travel every day to  Beta Academy in Washington DC, to train with Nakapan Phungephorn. It was a 2hr commute every day.   In 2020 he opened his own academy, Nexus, as a purple belt. He says it was because he was tired of driving 2 hrs to dc every day, and he wanted to increase the popularity of jiu jitsu in his hometown.  Shortly after, he won the raffle for international lapel day Keenan Cornelius was running, and was flown out to Legion AJJ for a week of training. During which he filmed his first instructional with JiuJitsuX (Enter the Tomb). After his short stay at Legion, he was invited to come back to stay permanently.  That type of invitation is a young grapplers dream, inevitably, he accepted. He returned to Virginia for a short time before returning to San Diego. During which he trained under Colton Smith at Enlisted Nine, in Stafford Virginia.   Gannon is currently still training and instructing out of Legion AJJ. Planning to some day return back home to Virginia and re-open his own academy, as a Legion AJJ affiliate. 

Random Facts About Gannon

Gannon is a passionate crypto trader, and refers to himself as Diamond hand Gan.

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I really enjoyed this course. Lang broke down and explained the guard in an easy to comprehend way that was easy to implement.

It’s one of those things you should invest on especially when you’re playing the lapel guard. Hands down, great quality instruction and setting up those entries and attacks.

Gannon is the man both on and off the mats, this course is the secret ingredient to making your Single Leg X in Gi scary to terrifyingly good.

This is some black magic shit. Gannon explains the technique then in the next video gives you what if your opponent does X. I`m looking forward to when he updates this.

I love using de la riva, reverse de la riva, and especially single leg x. Now, adding this Anubis series into my game has helped create more sweep and submission opportunities. For a guard player like myself this instructional is amazing. If you`re on the fence about getting it, just get it!!!

Probably the easiest instructional for me to digest personally, since single x is probably my guard of choice. That being said, this instructional points out several attack/sweeps/bolo`s that have been right in front of my face this whole time seeing as I set up most of my lapel attacks from single x.

Money well spent for sure!

Must own!! Gannon is the real deal, and this is an awesome course

Have trained under Gannon and seen this first hand. Amazing work. Highly recommend this

Beautiful and dominating guard system. Gannon Lang is a phenomenal teacher and explains the ins and outs of Anubis very well. I have the unfortunate experience of being on the wrong side of this guard too many times to count. Worth the purchase and definitely worth the watch. Get it now.

All Levels

What Will I Learn?

  • Setting Up The Closed Anubis Guard
  • Submissions From The Anubis Guard
  • How To Sweep & Attack The Back From The Anubis Guard
  • Setting Up Open Anubis Guard
  • The Sarcophagus Position

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Jiu Jitsu X is better

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