Full Circle Guard System

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Struggling to get your guard game going against opponents who pass on their knees? It’s like this… years ago, everyone played closed guard and everyone passed on their knees. Over time, this closed guard/knees passing relationship led to a lot of guard passers being swept, triangled and armbarred. And then came the revolution: guard passers began standing up, which made playing closed guard absolutely impossible. Then came the open guard revolution. This big bang of jiu jitsu saw the creation of a variety of open guards from the spider, to the de la riva, to the reverse de la riva, lapel guards, x-guards, and more. And now that leg locks have risen in popularity, the jiu jitsu world is seeing more and more guard passers getting back down on their knees to shut the lights out modern jiu jitsu games.

Where there are knees, there’s pressure. The real problem here isn’t that it’s difficult to get your guard started when your opponent is on their knees… the real problem is they’re using it to set up their pressure passing game. And being on the wrong end of that exchange is straight-up kryptonite for your guard and, in many cases, your back, neck, and face.  But, what if you didn’t have to play that game?…

How would it feel to be able to turn the tables on your opponent? The truth is, you don’t have to go back to square one and learn everything there is about the closed guard. Instead, what if you had access to a guard system that could not only help you tap and sweep your opponent, but put them in situations where they had no choice but to let you play your game to survive? Force your opponent to play your game: Lead them to your favorite guard, and their demise, inside the maze that is Robert Drysdale’s Full Circle Guard System.

This isn’t just another guard instructional, this is a guide to making better decisions when it counts, both in the gym and in competition. Join IBJJF World Champion, 2007 ADCC open weight champion, and one of the greatest American black belts to ever step on the mats, Robert Drysdale, as he takes you beyond technique and teaches you how to think, strategize and destroy your opponents with your guard.

Target Audience

  • For those who want to dominate their opponent from guard
  • For those who struggle to sweep and attack their opponent from guard
  • For those who are unable to transition to a different attack when the first fails

Course Curriculum

Closed Guard

Butterfly Guard

X-Guard & Single Leg X-Guard

De La Riva

Half Guard

Taking The Back


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5 Ratings
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2 years ago
2 years ago
Wow just wow! You lean so many cool details just from listening alone.
2 years ago
2 years ago
All good !
3 years ago
I see a Robert Drysdale instructional and I buy it. Drysdale instructinals are always amazing and very to the point and practical techniques you can put to use right away. His guard series here is great and I hope to see more instructinals released by him soon!
Course level:All Levels

What I will learn?

  • Force Opponents To Play Your Game
  • Make Better, More Strategic Decisions
  • Learn How To Implement A Full Guard Strategy Into Your Game
  • Transitioning From One Attack To Another
  • Sweeping Your Opponent From Closed Guard, Butterfly Guard, X-Guard, Single Leg X, De La Riva & Half Guard

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